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Over the years we found that the training is significantly more effective when it is spread over several weeks, not all concentrated in 3 or 2 full days, therefore we offer all training options as live web meetings, in small groups (preferably no more than 6 participants), each session is around 4 hours long.

6 session WT aeroelasticity course

Our most popular and exclusive training. In short it provides you with unique insight and understanding of instabilities that could occur on wind turbines and how to prevent them. The material is updated yearly to include the latest knowledge.

All training options we provide

Overview of the different training options we provide

2-day or 4 sessions wind turbine workshop

The follow-up of our aeroelasticity training is a workshop, where you try to use the gained knowledge and understanding to check a/your wind turbine design


vibrations flow diagram: how can you find out what the cause of the vibration is?

Mini-lecture 3

Why edgewise frequency at 6P could perhaps be a good idea…

An introduction to JEHO BV

Some background on where we come from and what we do.

Mini-lecture 1

mini lecture on whirling frequencies

Mini-lecture 2

mini lecture on classical flutter

JEHO BV in one page

JEHO BV introduction