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The tools section has been extended, to include a description of the new possibilities with out WAF1C tool: https://jeho.nl/nieuw/index.php/tools/

Old wind turbines did not suffer from aeroelastic issues, but during the design of multi MW turbines, one will always need to ensure that the turbine is aeroelastically stable during all circumstances that it will go through, or that the vibrations do not grow beyond its allowed limits.

The large, flexible blades result in very complicated interactions between deformations in different directions. Mode shapes on large wind turbines are much more complicated than we saw on smaller size turbines. Torsion has become very relevant. The modes that are usually most likely to cause aeroelastic stability issues are the first and the second edgewise mode, but the shape of the mode has become significantly complicated, with torsion and flapwise motions playing an important role. These deformations can also occur at different phases compared to the dominating edgewise motion and the phase angles differ for different wind speeds and average deformations. All in all, wind turbine aeroelasticity has become a highly complex field of expertise, but understanding the interactions and finding the cause of increased vibrations, will be vital to be able to design a reliable wind turbine.