We, JEHO BV are a young company supporting green / renewable energy, but with many years of experience. Our current focus is on providing services in the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity, but we expect to grow quickly and expand our fields of expertise. Even now, due to the large network we already have, we can also try to help in other fields of expertise related to green and renewable energy.
This website provides more information on what we do, such as training and consultancy, but you can also get information on wind turbine aeroelasticity, what it is and why it is important.

We are a young company supporting green / renewable energy, but with many years of experience. JEHO BV was started in 2015 by Jessica Holierhoek. Our current focus is on providing services in the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity. Our vision is that we need to preserve this planet for future generations. All the work we do will contribute to this. We have tried to summarise what we do in just one page: leaflet. If you have more time to read about what we do, there is much more information to be found on this website. 

With many years of experience in research, consultancy and education, all in the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity, Jessica Holierhoek started the company to have a shorter and better link with the industry and to make the knowledge and experience available to where it is needed: the industry that is designing and building the new machines to generate clean electricity. As one of the world's leading experts in wind turbine aeroelasticity, she sees it as her mission to spread this knowledge and prevent expensive mistakes as early as possible. Renewable energies still have to compete mainly based on the cost of energy. JEHO BV will commit to supplying top end consultancy to those who need it and that way further reduce the cost of energy.

We are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but we often work in the offices of our clients all over the world. High end services at the highest possible quality. We listen to the customer and give all customers the full priority that they deserve.

JEssica HOlierhoek, managing director JEHO BV

Joule Experts HOlland


Here is a nice movie of ancient wind energy, still working: movie

A playlist with movies that are somehow linked to wind turbine aeroelasticity

Reseachgate provides an overview of publications by Jessica and is therefore a good starting point to read more about wind turbine aeroelasticity.

Jessica also wrote a chapter in a book called advances in wind turbine blade design and materials. Chapter 5 in this book deals with aeroelastic design of wind turbines.

Recently a chapter was written in the book Handbook of Wind Energy Aerodynamics.

Short resume of Dr. ir. J.G. Holierhoek


2005 – 2008 

PhD at Delft University of Technology, Aerospace engineering. Title thesis: “Aeroelasticity of Large Wind Turbines”.

Professional experience:

Oct 2015 – now 

Owner and managing director of JEHO B.V. 

Jan 2016 – Sep 2019

Lecturer at Delft University of Technology (DUT), aerospace engineering, wind energy group for one day a week 

2007-Sep 2015 

Researcher, project leader and coordinator at the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), unit wind energy. 


Different positions at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology (DUT).

A more extensive resume can be found on LinkedIn.

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