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Our main field of expertise is wind turbine aeroelasticity, therefore we provide several training options that concern this subject. The training is regularly updated to contain the latest knowledge. However with well over 20 years of experience in this field, we have also developed a one day course to introduce the field of wind energy to new engineers.
The different training options are discussed below and described here. Leaflets can be downloaded containing a much more detailed course description from each section below. When available, a training schedule is also provided at the bottom of this page.




We offer different training options to become an expert in the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity. A 3-day course (usually six times 4-hour online sessions), a 2-day workshop and an intensive training combined with a design evaluation.

We offer a 3-day course that will give you a very quick and effective introduction into the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity. This course can be provided in an 'open' setting, with professionals from different companies attending (online, six sessions of four hours each) or a closed setting, where only employees of one company will attend and which can be given at the company or again online in different well-spaced sessions. Details can be found in our leaflet, which can be downloaded by clicking the picture to the right.

As a next step we provide a 2-day work shop. This is a continuation of the 3-day course and provides hands-on experience that will allow you to perform an aeroelastic analysis of a wind turbine design.
More details are in our leaflet that can be downloaded by clicking the picture to the left.



We offer a single day course that provides you a quick and effective introduction into the field of wind energy.
This is a new course and we are still working out the details and are busy writing the leaflet. As soon as it is ready, it will be added to the website. You can already get a general idea of what will be treated by looking at our general training leaflet.



Due to the global pandemic, we started providing the course as online live web training. Meetings with small groups of participants, spread over six weeks and it was felt to be much more effective than cramping everything in three full days. There is more time to understand the material, more energy during each session and more time to reflect on the material that was discussed. Therefore we will continue with this approach. The new schedule for 2023 is currently being considered, so please come back to check it out soon, or contact us if you are interested and we will send you an e-mail as soon as we have the new schedule. 

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